Message - "Committed to a Better Life"

The Holy Spirit of God wants to work in our lives and help us be stronger in our walk each day! We must be willing to make commitments to God for life changing measures to take place. We are all guilty at times of making commitments and forgetting about them a few weeks down the road. I challenge you to apply these 4 commitments and truly be changed to a better life this year.

1. Commit Yourself to Forget Your Failures!

The Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 3:13-14 to forget those things behind us and to press toward the mark of the high calling of God through Christ Jesus. We have to stop living in the past and move forward into the future that God has for each of our lives. We must accept God's forgiveness and then forgive ourselves when we fall short in our lives.

2. Commit Yourself to Give Up Your Grudges!

I want you to read Colossians 3:13 and grab the challenge that God puts before us in this verse. God is challenging us directly and personally to give up our grudges. Grudges destroy marriages, break u families, ruin friendships, and split churches. Today if you are holding a grudge against someone, God says, "To Give It Up!" God knows it is painful, but commands us to forgive others! Will you do it?

3. Commit Yourself to Restore Your Relationships!

I turn on my computer and it pops up a message to see if I want to check if my programs are working properly. God's Word issues us a similar invitation to check if our personal relationships are working properly. Turn and read Romans 12:18 and look at the challenge God's gives us through the writing of the Apostle Paul. God is challenging each one of us to do all we can to restore our relationships! Make no mistake it will be hard to do, especially for close family members. By far though one of the most significant things you can do is to humbly seek forgiveness from the one you have hurt.

4. Commit Yourself to Turn Your Back on Your Transgressions!

After the Civil War was over the slaves were set free, but many chose to remain with their masters in slavery. They were set free, but they chose to live as slaves! Many believers today are the same way. They were set free by the blood of Jesus, but they continue to allow sin to control their lives. Romans 6:1-2, tells us to turn our backs on sin and not to continue in the ways that controlled our lives as sinners. Don't allow those little things in your life that destroys your fellowship with God, we must turn our backs on our sins and move forward this year for God's glory. Jesus died on the cross to break the slavery that sin had in our lives and we no longer have to remain in bondage. That means we don't have to live defeated by that old sin! Turn Your Back to Sin and Live for Jesus each day!

Are you willing to make those 4 commitments and make this year a life changing event for you! Commit to forget your failures! Commit to give up your grudges! Commit to restore your relationships! Commit to turn your back on sin! God loves you and wants to forgive all your shortcomings, so have the courage to seek God's forgiveness and have a heart of forgiveness this year. 


God Bless You,

Pastor Craig

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